4th Dec 2012

Today’s comic was #300 and with that Busty Girl Comics is officially done posting daily. 


Don’t panic! The resourcesadvice, and store will still be here and I’ll be posting updates from time to time about Vol. 3 (due out soon!), upcoming shows, related projects, and other things that I promise will be relevant. 

There might be some comics you may not have seen so please check out the backlog, which will remain up, or buy the books (or you may want to reread them, which is highly encouraged <3). I will be moving on to other art projects and will announce when my next comic series starts up. I also have a sketch blog (not always safe-for-work; look for sfw tag at top) for those interested in my other artistic endeavors.

Now that that’s out of the way, I have something to tell you all:

Thank you. 

This comic has been a significant part of my life for the past 10 and a half months and it’s been an adventure, to say the least. I had never thought I’d have the opportunity to make a comic that’s read by so many people and made a difference for so many, especially so early in my career. This whole thing has been such a wonderful experience. I still have trouble realizing that the silly doodles I started out of frustration ended up giving so many, myself included, a new appreciation for our bodies and the busty people we care about. I never would have dreamed I could be a part of such a broad and welcoming community, let alone contribute to it as much as I have. You’ll never know how much the readers of this series have meant to me this year. Thank you all so much.

<3 Rampaige