19th Jun 2014



I wanna know I’m not the only one

You’re not the only one <3

30th Nov 2012

BGC Advice: Charities

Since it’s the season of giving and all that good stuff, could I get some help from you all in finding charities that support breasted people?

We all know how hard it is to afford bras and other supportive undergarments so if you know of a charity that helps support (literally and figuratively, of course) those in need please add it to the list? I’d particularly like to add charities that help people regardless of their size, gender identity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. 

If you know of a charity that supplies breasted people with undergarments they would otherwise be unable to afford, please post it in the response box below (Expand the notes for responses; Links are allowed and encouraged) ?

24th Sep 2012

Public Service Announcement

You’re not as saggy as you think you are.

If breasts were as perky all the time as they look when in a bra, supportive undergarments wouldn’t have been invented and the industry wouldn’t work so hard to make you want that perfect boob look. They look fine. You’re worrying too much about them. <3

And if anyone gives you grief for your “saggy” boobs, that person is toxic and not worth bothering with. 

12th Sep 2012

BGC Advice - Boob Sweat

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Fun fact: Everyone sweats and makes smells. Shocker, I know. It can still be annoying though, when you want to not stink or be drippy. Especially when you’re stinky and drippy from your bra being up against your skin, under your pits, and tucked under your boobs all day. 

We’ve touched on it once or twice here but let’s open the discussion up: How do you deal with boob sweat?

2nd Sep 2012

BGC Advice - Acne

(If you do respond, please be polite to other readers. And expand the notes section for responses. Thanks ^.^)

I’ve gotten a few questions recently about acne around bra straps and underboob. Sometimes, no matter how clean the skin is, or the bra, or how dry the area stays, acne is just too persistent and the bra only makes it hurt. So my question to all of you is: How do you get rid of bra-acne when even medicine doesn’t work?