2nd Dec 2012

lovelymentality said: Every time someone reblogs one of these comics, I feel ashamed that my breasts are too small... and I'm a D cup...

I’m sorry you feel that way but why would my comics make you feel like that have to be any particular size? Whatever size you are is worth being happy about and if you don’t relate to all of the problems that come from being larger than a D, isn’t that a good thing? And if you don’t relate to the perks, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any perks of your own that come from the size you are.

My comics are simply a way for people to vent about everyday frustrations and laugh about shared experiences. Not every comic is going to apply to everyone because we’re all different. I should hope that everyone can still understand the perspective of the subject of each comic, even if they don’t relate personally, and they don’t take it as a personal insult when they don’t relate.

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