5th Sep 2012

elijahelegia asked: I think it's perfectly possible for a man to experience sexism. Men are taught that they shouldn't show emotion, they should always put women first, they are dispensable, they can't be victims. A lot of people are inclined to dismiss sexism against men as "benevolent sexism against women," but I think that's kind of a pointless distinction, you know? It still harms men too. The expectation to be strong can be as damaging and oppressive as the expectation to be gentle/weak. Just my two cents.

Okay, let me clarify. A sexist comment towards a man is upsetting and hurtful and he has every reason to be upset. But put that comment in context. When men show emotion, they’re told to “stop being so girly” because women are stereotypically “overemotional” (the same is true if he’s not especially strong or is gentle, etc.). Okay, in that instance, the man is being compared to a woman. The only reason why this would be hurtful is if there was something wrong with being a woman, which society insists there is. 

So that man experienced an insult and it hurt but he’s also silently buying into the idea that to be a woman is beneath him and insulting at the same time. Yes, it harms him but it’s also harming half of the population as well.

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