18th Apr 2012

Does anyone know of any conventions in North Eastern USA/Canada that are still accepting Artist Alley applicants for the next few months? I’d like to get into some this upcoming Summer. I’m thinking no more North than Montreal, no more South than Virginia, and no more West than Pennsylvania (I’m sorta near Boston). Any thoughts?

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  3. angel-ofapathy answered: Origins Games Fair
  4. whatisthisidefk answered: I think ConnectiCon is still accepting. I would love to see you there :D
  5. bickpen answered: OMG Con in KY still is I’m pretty sure. Not sure about Anime Weekend Atlanta…
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  7. gigglesnfarts answered: Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh!
  8. sarahwithoutsound answered: Dragon Con in Atlanta might be. I’m not sure about their application process, but the con is in September.
  9. lvcomiccon answered: The Great Allentown Comic Con! would love to have you - we are 1.5 hours N of Phildelphia, same W of NYC, our next show is August 4-5th
  10. hecateguy answered: Have you tried Toronto’s Fan Expo?
  11. ficklefandoms answered: Please come to PiCon! It’s in Connecticut, but started out in Western MA.
  12. shadowen answered: The Rusty Gear (for Venture Bros. & Metalocalypse) is near Boston. I’m the fanworks chair, and we’re DEFINITELY looking for artists to displa
  13. cscakes answered: OhayoCon (Columbus Ohio) for 2013 should be. It’s in january 18-20th. Not summer but I’d love to see some of your work in person.
  14. maryofdoom answered: Steel City Con (steelcitycon.com) is in Pittsburgh, which is technically PA…though it might be a little far for you.
  15. neuroticcuriosity answered: Not sure. My roommates are trying AnimeNext…. but it’s a hard one. GOOD LUCK!
  16. amyra-rose0 answered: i’d help, but i live in South Texas. good luck! ^^
  17. howdoyoudoi answered: Have you considered Connecticon? Not sure if they’re still accepting applicants. Or you could do a meetup at a bar or something.
  18. brain-confetti answered: There’s InterventionCon in Rockville, MD. It’s mainly webcomics and internet stuff. It’s my first year going
  19. notinmybelly answered: Did you check MoCCA?
  20. devo27 answered: So close! Was going to suggest Hal-Con in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but thats the weekend before Hallowe’en.
  21. taboopixie answered: Have you ever considered Otakon?
  22. franmadaraki answered: Otakuthon 2012 in Montreal :) (I would love to see you there!)
  23. starshiranui answered: I think Otakon in Baltimore might still be taking them?
  24. angelamaphone answered: It’s technically in the fall (around Halloween) but Hal-Con should still be accepting some! (hal-con.com)
  25. chaoticpeace10 answered: not sure but try connecticon in hartford ct
  26. jenenveuxpas answered: They’re filled up this year, but next year you should consider Animaritime. I would totally go see you!