Are You Busty Enough for this Comic?

That’s a silly question. I’ve been asked by a number of people now what “Busty” is and whether or not I would consider them busty. 

Frankly, if you ever feel like you’re encumbered by your breasts (if they ever get in your way, make you feel awkward, etc.) then you’re busty! There isn’t a line where one size is busty and the next size isn’t. “Busty” depends entirely on the person.

So what if you don’t fall into that category, is it okay for you to enjoy these comics? …YES! They’re comics! Stop thinking so much and read the damn things. A lot of smaller-chested and non-breasted people have told me that these comics give them a new appreciation for their own bodies and a better perspective on what their partners/relatives/friends are going through.