FAQ and other helpful stuff

Howdy, I’m Rampaige and I make these comics. Here’s some stuff you guys might wanna know:

  • The series ended December 4, 2012. The site has remained up so people can continue to read the comics and responses as well as access the resources below.
  • Any recommendations I make regarding fit are based off of my years of experience in garment construction. They are recommendations only.
  • If you like this blog, please consider donating to the artist (button at the side), by buying a shirt, or by buying the books.
  • I do not create or edit the gifs I use and do not claim them as my own. Any watermark on the gif was placed there by the original gif editor. If you are interested in knowing what movie/show/etc. the gif is from, I’m happy to answer.

Here are some handy things that people have sent in or I’ve found that might alleviate some busty frustrations. These are all suggestions made by other readers so I do not personally know how awesome each one is:

Fellow Busty Bloggers + Guides

Blogs for Moral Support

Bra Stores (Many of these stores also carry sports bras, bikinis, etc.)

Sports Bras (specifically)


Bathing Suit Stores

Plus-Size Clothing Stores

Bloggers Who’ve Had Breast Reduction (They’ve offered to answer any questions)

Other Helpful Tips